I'm not wearing a wire, although I can't vouch who may have been dressing or undressing you.

If your head needs to roll, I will be the one to drop the blade.

This situation is dire enough as it is, wouldn't you agree? Concealing it or even the appearance of concealing it can only aggravate it and me further. Am I clear?

I have decided to settle in the Hamptons for good.

Once again I have dragged you back into the grey area where you don't belong.

One way or another Milos will answer for his sins.

Hank: I hated camp.
Boris: Me also.

Boris: Any questions?
Hank: Probably none you would answer.

These are dangerous people, Hank. They do dangerous things.

Your past cannot be shed off like snakes skin, Mr. Lawson.

I'm not afraid of my condition, Hank. I am afraid someone is after my son.

Royal Pains Quotes

Yeah, dude. Don't punk the crackberry. She'll light your ass up like a Christmas tree.


Note to self, become a doctor.