Shawn: Gus, I'm not even sure this thing is on.
Gus: We heard you loud and clear.

If I don't get some electrolytes into my system soon I am going to go into renal failure.

Why does Cuba keep doing such horrible movies when the dude has an Academy Award? An Academy Award!

Woody: Where is Stumpy?
Gus: Somewhere disappointing Jesus....

It's a valid question, Lassie!

Gus: Hey little man, get in the car!
Shawn: That's your audition for 'To Catch a Predator?

I abandoned my family! I'm a black stereotype!

Hermeneutics is the study of theory. Oh my God! I could have and exam on Friday. I need a syllabus!

We are not talking about this EVER, Shawn. You all can suck it.

It's the SERBS!

She's perfect. She's like an Indian princess that bakes pies.

Gus: Wow, so this is how you're gonna play my boy. Oh...ok...I see how this is. Girl, that is cold. And if I wasn't on a date right now, we would be having words. Know that.
Shawn: That's my boy right there, son

Psych Quotes

Gus: That's a player's move, Shawn, a player's move.
Shawn: That's not a player's move, Gus, that's an astronomer's move.

Juliet: It's all police work Carlton.
Carlton: Yeah, right, and global warming is real.
Juliet: Yes, it is, Carlton.
Carlton: Sure it is.