You want to wear the big hat, Joe? Come take it off my head.

Marcus: I haven't always trusted you.
Grace: Your cross to bear, Sir.

If you're going to drink this early in the morning, brush your teeth before you report.

When the path becomes too hard to see, we run back to what we know. Even if what we know is broken beyond all repair.

I was a better father to the men in my command than I ever was to my own son.

I've been in combat but I've never seen fear in anyone's eyes like I say in my sons' eyes that day.

Prison is a luxury we can no longer afford.

You owe me nothing Sam and you never have.

This island needs to know that we aren't afraid of the truth.

You may have your laws but I'll have my man.

I believe a some of a person's life can be deduced from its parts.

I will keep you here where you can hear your breath and your heartbeat and nothing else until you give me a name.

Last Resort Quotes

We aren't actually at war. Just make him realize how incredibly dead he'd be if we were.


Gentleman we have just surfaced in the middle of a highway. Let m know if things get busy.