Shepherd: How much air does that leave us?
Chaplin: Whatever you can smell.

Stay awake and alive for the next eight hours because something bad is coming.

I am not a politician. If you say my son's name again, I will crush the jelly from your eyes.

They think they're dealing with a gunman in the bell tower. They've sent an old friend to take me down.

Control your feelings or I guarantee Curry will control them for you.

It's not time to pop champagne but there will be ice cream in mess.

We don't drill to be good, we drill to be perfect.

Gentlemen, stow this problem or we're all going to be dead in about one minute.

I never thought I'd see you put anything in front of your people, Joe. Least of all pride.

Sometimes the enemy is just the man keeping you from getting home.

You knew this wouldn't just be bullets. They'll come at you where it hurts the most.

People, we are now the popular girl at the dance.

Last Resort Quotes

We aren't actually at war. Just make him realize how incredibly dead he'd be if we were.


Gentleman we have just surfaced in the middle of a highway. Let m know if things get busy.