Sandra: What is going on in here?
Lyle: What did Claire do this time?
Claire: Shut up, Lyle!
Noah: Pack your bags. We're moving.
Claire: You can't do that!
Noah: It's not a discussion! We're leaving!
Claire: Then you're leaving without me!

Claire: I told you. My dad's really over protective about the whole dating thing. He told me I couldn't date until I was 21.
West: So?
Claire: So, I have to listen to my parents. Don't you?
West: Claire, I can fly. Kinda makes the parental guidance thing a non-issue.

West: You're indestructible. You can skydive without a parachute.
Claire: You could skydive without a plane.

Claire: It's no big deal.
Sandra: It isn't until it gets you noticed.
Claire: I can't even be myself at home? It's bad enough that I have to be all fake at school

High school is different... they have metal detectors for people who lay low.

That's easy for you to say. You're not wading into the shark-infested water of 11th grade.

Mr. Bennet: I don't mean this to be condescending - even though you're gonna say I'm being condescending - but I really do believe this is an adult decision.
Claire: Yeah, you're right. That is condescending.

Claire: Dad.. Mind if I talk to you about something?
Mr. Bennet: You pregnant?
Claire: What! no..
Mr. Bennet: Doing drugs?
Claire: Dad!

Claire: Cheerleading is hard work, hard treacherous work.
Mr. Bennet: Of course it is, sweetheart.

Look... thanks, okay? I'll talk to you in front of people at school tomorrow. Promise.

Claire: No, I don't think! I have busted, like, every bone in my body, stabbed myself in the chest, I've shoved a two-foot steel rod through my neck and I don't have a scratch on me!
Zach: Wh-what do you call that thing sticking out? [he points to where three of her cracked ribs are sticking out]
Claire: Ugh. Great.

Peter: You saved my life!
Claire: Guess we're even.

Heroes Quotes

Matt Parkman: What do you want from me?
Mr. Bennet: We wanna know more about you.

It's time everyone knew the truth.


Heroes Music

  Song Artist
Song Road to Joy Bright Eyes
Song Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
Song I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys