Charlotte: I only have one wish this year.
Conrad: Anything.
Charlotte: I've spent the last two days thinking about family and what it means to be a daughter, a sister, and now an adult. And my only wish is that you support my first adult decision. I'm changing my can now call me Charlotte Clarke.

Jack: Are we just the poster children for your new public image?
Conrad: What, do you mean do I have a selfish motivation for this? You bet.

To be falsely accused is a gut ripping experience.

Conrad: Where did you get this?
Victoria: From whoever seems to be circling this family with an endless catalog of our sins.

Holidays and weekends aren't a luxury the rich can afford.

Is that worry I detect in your voice?

[to Daniel] My boy, at this moment there are things in play that dwarf your penchant for gullibility.

Daniel: [to Victoria] You're going public?
Conrad: She's going nuclear.

[to Victoria] I. Don't. Trust. You.

One big happy family.

So it's true, even the devil himself didn't want you.

Sometimes I feel like Job, from the bible.

Revenge Quotes

Emily: It was kind of fun being your wingman.
Nolan: I taught you well, grasshopper.

Will you escort the ladies to the conservatory for petit fours and refreshments?