Alice: I'm good at riddles.
Cyrus: You're good at everything.

Courage or cowardice. I know which I choose.

Your former subjects were willing to let you get eaten alive by mum rats.

What do I say to the woman who has traveled worlds and risked her life to find me?

Well, if you can't believe in love what can you believe in?

I'm a genie now and I fear I will be a genie for the rest of my days.

Stay strong Alice. I'm coming for you.

Jafar: You should know better than anyone, magic always comes at a price.
Cyrus: So does stealing it.

Alice: I've never met a human quite like you, Alice.
Cyrus: I've never met a genie quite like you. Well actually, I've never met a genie.

You found my bottle Alice. Anything is possible.

So you're risking your life for someone who doesn't believe in you.