I've had to wrap my mind around trying to live without her too many times.

Deacon: There were other ways we could've handled this.
Frankie: Like listening to me in the first place. I was right! I was right.

Rayna: You better watch yourself. I'm gonna make you write an album with me.
Deacon: I can think of worse ways to spend my time than that.

Much as we both hate this moment, I gotta admit, I love being here to have it with you.

You need to run. You need to run away from me right now.

It's my time to be her father right now, okay. Whether she knows it or not, she needs me right now. Not you Teddy.

Rayna: You've always said that you wanted to be the man that I know you are, and now you have the opportunity to do that with me by your side.
Deacon: It's not that simple, Rayna.
Rayna: Of course it is. What are you so afraid of? Do you not believe in us enough?
Deacon: [sighs]
Rayna: Well, if you were trying to break my heart, you just did.

Deacon: I will be damned if I'm gonna drag you through all the hurt and the disappointment, look at the pity in your eyes.
Rayna: Look in my eyes. That's not pity. It's love. Don't you get that?

Maddie: But you still love her [Rayna], don't you?
Deacon: 'Till the day I die.

Scarlett: Say hi to Maddie for me.
Deacon: Why's she 'Facetiming' me now?
Scarlett: 'Cause you're her dad, and she wants time with your face.

I know I can fight this cancer, but I don't know if I can beat it. See the thing is, if I lose...uh there was a time when that wouldn't have mattered that much, but it does now. I got a daughter, and I got a niece, and I got...I got a lot of people I care about. They care about me, and when I think about not being there for them...You talk about feeling powerless. This is a powerlessness at a level that damn near overwhelms me. Truth is I'm terrified.

She [Rayna] and me, I don't even know what we are, okay, but I know that I don't want her like this. Feeling sorry for me. Taking care of me. That's all she's ever done, all right. I want to be the one to take care of her, and I can't do it right now because I'm sick.

Nashville Quotes

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Juliette Barnes has asked me to come out here and make a whole lot of noise for you. But I'm the kind of artist who prefers to whisper. So this one's for you Juliette.


I don't have friends, I have people who want to be seen with me.