Deb: You don't like Quinn much.
Dexter: I don't like him at all. But I want you to be happy.

Turns out Cole and him are buddies. They f---ing poke each other on Facebook

If it's working, who am I to poop on your parade?

S--t a brick and f--k me with it, you're never going to believe who this truck is registered to.

Dexter: I remember your first words: shoes. You were very girly once upon a time.
Deb: That's funny. I always remember my first words as being, 'Hurry the f--- up.'

Hey, f---wad, taking the scenic route?

Don't you have to have a soul before it's in crisis?

Deb [to Masuka]

Deb: I love you.
Dexter: I'm so thankful.

We can play who's the better asshole. But I guarantee you I'll win.

Ever hear of a comb? Looks like you have a cat on your head.

Deb: You can make anything sound perverted.
Vince: It's a gift.

I love you, bro, but sometimes you're a fucking 'tard.

Dexter Quotes

The only real question I have is why in a building full of cops, all supposedly with a keen insight to the human soul, is Doakes the only one who gets the creep from me.

Dexter Morgan

I think this is a friendly message like, "Hey! wanna play?" and yes I wanna play. I really really do.

Dexter Morgan