Derek: I think you'd make a brilliant Marilyn. I see it. You know. In my head.
Karen: Really?

Eileen: Are you in or are you out?
Derek: Fine! Get me a star!

Tom: I'm not quitting.
Derek: Neither am I.

Your songs are beautiful. They are nice.

Derek: Don't be afraid of the sex.
Karen: I'm not

I know I don't say this enough, but you're wonderful in this show, and you're gonna be great tomorrow.

Ivy: Am I late?
Derek: No, Karen was early.

Ivy: I just wanna feel safe.
Derek: Then go back to the chorus. There's nothing safe about being a star.

Smash Quotes

Sam: Ivy's doing the nasty with the Dark Lord, huh?
Dennis: That's what I said.
Karen: Who's the Dark Lord?
Sam: Sauron himself, Derek.

Eileen: If that were a real Degas, what would you pay for it?
Julia: That? ... It is a real Degas.
Eileen: Yeah.

Smash Music

  Song Artist
Song Never Give All the Heart Smash Cast
Smash cast the national pastime The National Pastime Smash Cast iTunes
Song Beautiful Smash Cast