Jane: What are you doing?
Korsak: He's opening a Radio Shack.

I think you've hidden your delusional disorders rather well, Detective.

OK, please don't show me your womb.

Korsak: Would you ever wear a skirt, Frost?
Frost: Where is this going?

Korsak: Oh man, these are new.
Frost: Yeah, new in 1995.

Jane: I didn't know you lost friends in Vietnam.
Korsak: I don't like to talk about it. People don't like to hear it.

Survived Fallujah to die on the streets of Boston.

Love the smell of deco in the morning.

Korsak: Junkies don't shoot dope out in the open.
Jane: They're like cockroaches. They hide.

Korsak: You can't do this without your bff?
Jane: Not when she's the chief medical examiner, no.

How is it that you can't look at a dead body but you can watch zombies chew their own arms off?

Frost: How can you be this big animal lover and eat their flesh?
Korsak: I'm a complicated man.

Rizzoli & Isles Quotes

I'll make sure you're around to achieve your dreams, whatever they are.


I dunno. Stuff.