Ivy: You're crazy, Dixon.
Dixon: Crazy about you.

My parents are going out tonight and I can't wait any longer to hang out with you.

There's nowhere I'd rather be than right here with you, right now... sorry, I gotta take this.

Any chance you'll let your fake ex-boyfriend take you out on a real date?

Dixon: You're amazing, Ivy.
Ivy: You don't have to say that.
Dixon: I know I don't.

Dixon: Did you really need to pee on yourself in front of all those girls?
Teddy: Right. I should have let you do it.

One time I bought her a leather bracelet and she accused me of being insensitive to cow feelings. Cow feelings!

Dixon: Maybe we can Skype and watch a game together.
Dana: Okay, I'm not sure what that means, but sounds like fun.

Dixon: I don't know what to call her. Mom? Dana? Woman who gave birth to me and doesn't want to talk to me at dinner?
Annie: That last one seems a little long.

Dixon: What exactly is a seitan burger?
Silver: It's like a burger, except instead of the burger part, it has seitan.
Dixon: I dunno, it sound to me like you're having a satan burger.
Silver: Well, it's the best thing you can get for six dollars and sixty six cents.

What happened the night of the dance, it just happened. Will it happen again? Probably.

This is a worse idea than your Boys of Blaze calendar fund raiser.


We're not just friends, we're a family. And nobody messes with my family.


Dixon: Are you sure you're ready for this?
Silver: I've never been more ready for anything in my life.