Dixon: No lies. Just you, and me, and half sausage, half pepperoni.
Sasha: Get lost.

Porn is how I make my money. I'm pretty ashamed to even be associated with the industry.

Dixon: Navid, my friend, I am living the dream.
Navid: Dixon, my friend, you are living a lie.

Dixon: What about Silver?
Navid: Obviously, we need to kill Silver.

Teddy: What about Megan Fox?
Dixon: Sasha blows her away.

My next woman will be all about the D man. I'm gonna find myself a female Dixon.

Dixon: I was never really myself around you.
Silver: Then it's a good thing we broke up.

Navid: Girls never say what they mean.
Dixon: Yeah. They're not dudes. We're very straighforward.

Liam: Just so you know, I didn't sleep with your sister.
Dixon: I don't wanna talk about Annie. Me and her, we're like two different people.

Dixon [to Teddy]: Aren't you supposed to be Roger Federer or something?
Teddy: More like Nadal.

Me and Annie are doing our own thing now. I'm done dealing with her crap.

I feel free. New year. New Dixon.


We're not just friends, we're a family. And nobody messes with my family.


Adrianna: I think we've waited long enough.
Navid: For...?
Adrianna: Yeah.