These are well-connected members of high society. They do coke.

What’s the matter Agent Scary Lips? You tastin’ Doug Wilson’s world-famous beef stew? How’s it goin' down? It’s kinda spicy, right?

Burnt Orange. I see numbers in colors. I'll explain later.

I think the steroids are giving me acne. On the upside, I think I've lost an inch from my dick.

Feeling bullish? Bearish?

Shane: Renada just wants me for my sperm.
Doug: She sounds perfect.

I thought they were saying bi-Andy. What? You do shave your legs.

(to Dana) Are you as turned on as I am right now.

Why did I never knew Josh was gay? He was a gay baby. Gay baby.

Hey what did you use for my picture? The one where I'm eating a cheesecake on a stick?

Doug: I'm on fuego. You want to dance?
Nancy: No I'm okay.
Doug: Andy?

Hey man, sorry we dented your house.