What if he didn't have one? How do I live with that?

His wife hit her limit and dug her way out of here

Your pep talk needs help.

You have a different girl in your bed every week. Sometimes you don't even change the sheets.

This is just a desk...with a lot of cash in it.

Crystal: Judging from that banging sound, there's a ghost in my closet.
Dov: That's good news. You'll never be lonely.

You're right, Sir. My personal life is none of your business.

Wait, seriously, I'm the only one who's never had sex with anyone from 15?

I thought this was going to be like Two Men and a Baby. Instead it's like some horrible after school special.

You're like my brother. Forget that. Your better than my brother. My brother was a bit of a dink.

If you look inside a store window I am writing you up.

I could go faster but that would require breathing through my nose.

Rookie Blue Quotes

There is absolutely no training that prepares you for life on the street.

Staff Sgt. Boyko

First rookie out of their cuffs drinks for free. Everyone else pays.

Oliver Shaw