Don't let her use the Latin on you.

Maura: How about depression?
Jane: Only since you started asking me all of these questions.

Jane: Did the autopsy smell follow you in here?
Maura: No, but your hormones did.

You're like a brother to me, with really soft lips.

Maura: Caffeine bad.
Jane: Death worse.

Don't think negative thoughts. Your body will experience something that isn't even happening.

Maura: Thanks for holding my hands today.
Frankie: Any time.

Maura: A gluten free almond cookie.
Jane: So it's suppose to taste like cardboard.

Why would I squeal over a colorless crystalline form of purr carbon?

Can I mention that diamond you're wearing or do I ignore it?

Fulfilling your dreams requires a lot of hard choices.

I'll never not be Paddy Doyle's daughter.

Rizzoli & Isles Quotes

I'll make sure you're around to achieve your dreams, whatever they are.


I dunno. Stuff.