Klaus: We write our wishes and then burn them for luck. Strangely, I don’t remember wishing for an influx of enemies and yet, year after year…
Elijah: How odd. Forever on Santa’s naughty list.

Elijah: Hello, sister.
Rebekah: Tell me I didn’t miss Christmas.

Oh, Freya, I am obscenely fond of torture, but yes. When I'm entertaining, I like to be the one to decide when and how we should violate the guests.

Tristan, I can't kill you at this very moment, but I could just as easily tear your eyeballs from their sockets and feed them to your sister.

I rather enjoy Thanksgiving. The turkey, the cranberry sauce. The lies, the deceit, the betrayal.

Elijah [to Hayley]: You okay?
Marcel: I'm fine, thank you for asking.
Elijah: Marcellus, next time I ask you to take out the trash, try not to dally.

Hatred's a hell of a thing, Freya.

Hayley: I'll have to explain this family to Hope someday. I think about that sometimes.
Elijah: And what do you think?
Hayley: I won't lie to her. I'll never lie to her. But you know what I'll start with? Always and forever.

Hayley: Why are they all staring at you?
Elijah: I'm kind of a big deal around here.

[to Tristan] Watch your tongue. I am not the fun loving social butterfly you may recall.

Elijah: And where are you going?
Klaus: I'm going to eliminate an old friend before he gets his teeth into my therapist.

Klaus: Have you finally forgiven me?
Elijah: I will consider it. When Hayley forgives you, Gia rises from the dead, and Hell has frozen over.

The Originals Quotes

[to Kol and Finn] I'd prefer you both to join me against our mother, but I'll happily settle for one or the other. Either way, if you continue to defy me, your lives will be reduced to an unending sequence of agonizing torture. So, which is it to be?


There's a saying in my family. Kill a demon today, face the devil tomorrow. Yet even as you dance on that demon's grave, you can't help but wonder, was that demon alone? Or do you have other, deadlier ones to fight? And though you celebrate having won the battle, have you really prepared for the war? So as we dress ourselves in teh armor needed for this new fight, we must first tend to our wounds, starting with the deepest.


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