Jessica: Don't worry Louis, money isn't everything.
Emery: Acting?
Jessica: Acting.

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Honestly Mom, I'm surprised you're not more on board with acting. It's basically manipulation.

Eddie: I'll cut ya! Headbutt ya! (rapping)
Emery: Mom! Eddie's rapping at my always-there bear.
Eddie: Did they give you that pin for narcing?

Jessica: Come on, I'll show you the Miller house. Let me just get my kids. Come on! Marco!
Evan and Emery: Polo!

Evan: When I grow up I want my specialty to be homemade pickles.
Emery: That’s new for you
Evan: I was gonna tell you
Emery: No it’s fine. I guess I’ll just have to share a bunk bed with a total stranger (walks off in a huff)

Emery: Why can't we stay on the couch
Jessica: Because then your aunt and uncle will know that we don't have enough bedrooms [sighs] and they must never know that.

Emory: No, a rain cloud is good
Jessica: What are you, a farmer?

Fresh Off the Boat Quotes

Louis: Are you ready to do this?
Mitch:: Not really, I feel like I've told you numerous times, I don't want to do this but all you do is smile and nod.
Louis: [Smiles and nods]
Mitch: You're doing it.
Louis: [Smiles and nods[
Mitch: See, you're doing it

If you get lost, try to find a white family. You will be safe there until I can find you.