He's got demons in him mom, so if you've got any kickass magic in you, now would be the time to let it out.

Oh I am so back.

Why is it always squeaky old dirty places? Why can't he hide in a mall or a nice hotel?

I knew I should have brought demon chasing shoes!

Oh no you don't cursed crusaders. First a ride, the next thing you know you're dancing and then my date is dead in my arms.

Faye: You've got that look.
Jake: What look?
Faye: That look that you're about to invade a small country with nothing but your tortured soul.

Oh and I forgot, we have the dark magic super twins on our side.

We totally got out magicked in our own magic house. Unbelievable.

Jake: Is it true, witch hunters did it?
Faye: That's what Blackwell said.
Jake: We can't just sit here and let them get away with this!
Faye: And we will. But right now there are sad, fragile, old people here. Let's not give them some heart attacks with angry threats.

A journal. Tied with an actual ribbon. If you leave something like this lying around you're just begging for it to be read.

I can't believe I just rifled my mom's underwear drawer. No one that old should have that many thongs.

Did we get stood up? By your dad?

Secret Circle Quotes

Oh for God's sake, spit it out! You're a witch. You're a full-blooded, hundred percent witch. We all are. There, done.


Cassie: Are you doing this?
Adam: We are.