You want me to get you some donuts while I'm out.

Van Pelt: Does Jane seem off to you?
Cho: Always.

Lance: I don't know what came over me.
Grace: It's called greed.

It's like a furniture catalogue threw up in here.

You're nuts lady. Sign here.

You're good. Not as good as Jane but good.

Grace: You know kids used to call me Bracie Gracie because I wore braces until I was 17. What did people call you?
Cho: Cho.

I got it worse. I'm lost in the woods with a grumpy hooker.

Craig: We all have to make hard choices, Grace. It doesn't make me evil.
Grace: It kind of does.

Don't be naive. Men lie... and kill.

Van Pelt: So who wanted this guy dead?
Lisbon: He was a divorce attorney. Who didn't?

Grace: I shot and killed my last boyfriend. I'm not ready for a relationship yet.
Doc: OK. Raincheck?

The Mentalist Quotes

Jane: That is a very lovely dress - great color.
Heather: Thank you I am Heather Evans.

Cho: You didn't steal jewelery from her?
Natalie: Please. She dresses like a Mormon call girl. I wouldn't wear her jewelery if you paid me.