My death was greatly exaggerated.

Don't you want to hold her knowing you had a hand in making the world safer?

In sickness and in health.

Iris: Our love story never ends Barry, even with Crisis.
Barry: Iris it’s inevitable.
Iris: Maybe, but whether you vanish or…worse I’m going to be right there with you. Right there till the very end, okay? Because the only thing more inevitable than crisis is us.

I saw millions of possible futures, billions of deaths...all their pain and suffering. Then they were gone.
I felt all of it. Now I know the monitor is right. I have to die.


They are not all winners.

Killer Frost

Calling all white walkers.


The Barry I know would never stop running, he would find another way to fight.

If that article changes that means we can change the future, so what do we do first.

And when that thing swallowed it, for like a tiny second, I wanted it to swallow me too.

Iris: But it won’t be our Nora. The one that we knew, that we have pictures of, grew to love, you know, that Nora is gone forever.
Cecile: Iris, you don’t get to cheat the grieving process just because you know you are going to see Nora again someday.

There is no support group for what we are experiencing.

The Flash Quotes

Ramsey: You know, I don't understand you Barry. You march towards death without fear, just like mum. Where is it you get your strength?
Barry: Probably the same place she did, people I love.

Where I came from, I was a speedster like you. They called me The Flash.