Jack: That's Ryan . What the hell is he doing here?
Erica: I'm not waiting around to find out.

(to Erica) You lied to me didn't you?

Jack: Quite a shot you had there Erica. Double tap to the chest.
Erica: I knew he was wearing a vest.
Jack: Did you?

Erica: No more reacting to Anna. We strike first. We strike hard. Who's with me?
Jack: I was a soldier once. I can be a soldier again.

They can take my collar but they can't take my faith.

You can count on me.

Follower: You're sounding more and more like Fifth Column.
Jack: Maybe so.

Jack: Just pray with me. The soul is a blessing.
Ryan: No, it's also a curse.

(to Chad) You're not just asking for another chance, you're asking for forgiveness. Only God can offer that. If you want my trust, earn it.

Let V no longer stand for visitor - let V stand for victory.

There is a war upon us. A war upon our souls.

People are worshiping them instead of God.

V Quotes

Is there such a thing as an ugly Visitor?


We are of peace. Always.