Jane: Are you OK?
Maura: Yeah. Why?
Jane: Cause you're wearing two different shoes.

Korsak: You can't do this without your bff?
Jane: Not when she's the chief medical examiner, no.

Oh my God. I'm going straight to hell. I'm stealing a sippy cup.

Yes or no. Perfectly good answers.

Hypothesis confirmed. I would recognize that cheap dye job anywhere.

Maura: Pine scent. It's right where her jacket pocket would be.
Jane: You think she was wearing air freshener?

Do parents know their spending fifty thousand for their daughter to learn how to serve tea?

Maura, shot or stabbed, or did somebody chew on his hip?

Jane: I hate it when you drive.
Maura: I hate it more when you undress and drive.

Just know I don't serve coq au vin, I serve coco puffs.

Hey Julia Childs, I could buy a tube of those crescent things and serve them to you in twenty minutes.

You got balls taking a cop to dinner. Did you think you could charm me too?

Rizzoli & Isles Quotes

I'll make sure you're around to achieve your dreams, whatever they are.


I dunno. Stuff.