Fun-fact, I'm good at everything I do.

I mean look at this calligraphy. It could have come straight from the Vatican.

Jessica: Don't worry Louis, money isn't everything.
Emery: Acting?
Jessica: Acting.

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The Wheel takes physical skill, Millionaire is just knowing lots of stuff.

Why are you all dressed like European hobos?

I was right to support you. You are a gardener, you like to plant seeds. Idea seeds. Business seeds.

So those are real glasses. They're not dumb person playing smart person glasses!

Well, if he were a believable sponge he'd be able to sop up his tears.

Did that ginger bite you and infect your brain?

Don't ever weaponize Amy Grant again.

No, Louis! His voice is too loud, and his clothes are too colorful, and his cologne! He's tough on all the senses!

You see Marvin's stupid new flagpole in his yard? That's you. Steady pole in the ground. Everyone else around you is like the flag, changing direction as the wind shifts. But not you, you're keeping everything in place. But the pole gets no attention. We salute the flag, but not the pole.

Fresh Off the Boat Quotes

Louis: Are you ready to do this?
Mitch:: Not really, I feel like I've told you numerous times, I don't want to do this but all you do is smile and nod.
Louis: [Smiles and nods]
Mitch: You're doing it.
Louis: [Smiles and nods[
Mitch: See, you're doing it

If you get lost, try to find a white family. You will be safe there until I can find you.