No, I don't want to see a marriage counselor because the marriage is not the problem, the problem is you.

How could you do that to me? How could you do that to me? I would never have walked into your office with Leon Dengraff and treated him that way. I never wold have done that to him. I never would have done that to him. I never would have treated him that way and I never would have treat you that way. That could have cost me my job Julia.

Joel: Julia, I am working right now, and I will see you whenever I get home.
Julia: Well, I'll see you whenever that is.

I will be there for my son.

Julia: I didn't come here to talk.
Joel: No you didn't. Ah. Wow. This is a first.
Julia: I mean, if you don't have time...
Joel: Oh no. I have time.

Julia: That's rude, though. Someone is ringing your doorbell, you answer the door.
Joel: You never answer the door.

Crosby: Are ya feelin' good?
Joel: Yeah
Crosby: Yeah? Nice.
Joel: Well, I'm drunk.
Crosby: Oh you are?! I could have never... It's imperceptible.

Joel: How do I set boundaries with your sister?
Julia: Her you just help.

We made a plan with his teacher that we were gonna to find him tutoring, we were gonna take a month and then we were gonna reevaluate. And that's what we're do. If you don't like it, talk to Ed. I'm goin' for a walk.

Were we even in the same conversation? You want to know what I heard? I heard a teacher telling us that we had a good kid. Can you take your finger off the nuclear launch button now?

Julia: You know, I've only ever had the one job since grad school. I put all my eggs in one basket, and now that Leon is being vindictive, I'm screwed. And he deserves to be, because I messed up. He has every
Joel: Honey, you didn't screw up, you chose your children over your work.
Julia: Thank you, but that is revisionist, I got overwhelmed and I screwed up.

Joel: I'm just excited about the possibility of working with you.
Pete: Woah - slow down Speed Racer, we're not there yet.

Parenthood Quotes

Mom, I'm on my feet I'm not destitute. I've just got a little financial trouble and two degenerate kids, but I'll be fine.


Max: Isn't the game today?
Adam: Well buddy I thought you were done with baseball.
Max: It's my team.
Adam: Games in 10 minutes everybody.

Parenthood Music

  Song Artist
On my way back home On My Way Back Home Band of Horses iTunes
Song Smile Evil Twins
Well runs dry Well Runs Dry Peter Case iTunes