Julian: Caitlin, I love you.
Killer Frost: I don't love you, Julian. I never did. [to Barry and Cisco] I never loved any of you.

Julian: Sorry, why are we not looking for Caitlin again?
H.R.: Easy, Romeo and Juliet. None of us have forgotten about Caitlin.

I'm not a human Ouija board, Barry.

Caitlin: It's not you.
Julian: It's impossible to tell. Savitar could be controlling me and none of us would know about it. None of us. Not even me.
Caitlin: But this time we know who it is.
Julian: How?
Caitlin: Because. I'm the one who betrayed everyone.

Barry: [to Wally] He wasn't there! It was all in your mind.
Julian: Been there. Done that. It's miserable.

Julian: [points at Harry] Grodd the gorilla is talking through Wells? That's a thing?
Cisco: Yeah. It sort of trips you out at first, but trust me. You get used to it.

Julian: Grodd? The telepathic gorilla? Where are you going? Are you going to Planet of the Apes?
Barry: No. It's just a city of them. Will you cover for me?
Julian: Are you going to the Planet of the Apes?
Barry: It's not Planet of the Apes.

Caitlin: Julian, you can't change what happened to you. It's not your fault.
Julian: You keep saying that. But it is my fault. People are responsible for their own actions. To say otherwise is just a way to make yourself feel better.
Caitlin: Is that what you think I'm doing? Making excuses for things I've done in the past?
Julian: [doesn't say anything]
Caitlin: You know I'm really starting to regret bringing you in here.

Caitlin: You know, I used to think Barry was overreacting when he complained about sharing a lab with you. But now I understand his frustration.
Julian: Believe me, no one is more frustrated than I.
Caitlin: You do realize it's possible not to be a jerk all the time, right?
Julian: Yes, yes.

Julian: Surely all your adventures are not this disorganized.
Cisco: [with a British accent] There's a method to the madness, mate. Watch and learn.

Julian: Hello, you.
Caitlin: Hey.
Julian: Am I in for another kidnapping?
Caitlin: Okay, I deserved that.

The Flash Quotes

One mystery I cannot figure out is why some people come into our lives and why some people go. Others become a part of you. Some friendships feel like they'll last forever and others end far too soon. Not every friendship is meant to last forever. What does last forever is the pain when that person is gone.


Life is a marathon, not a sprint Barry. Slow down and enjoy it.