Betty: How did you get so smart?
Justin: I had a few good teachers.

Justin: B, how could you move to London, won't you miss all the kidnapping, shooting, and murder at Mode?
Betty: No, not really.

I just feel like everything is going to change.

What are you two a bunch of queens? Well, I'm the king around here, don't you forget it.

I wasn't sure when you said blog, but movies? Im in!

Thank you so much for the ride, Bobby. It's Elizabeth Taylor week on Lifetime, and I could not miss Butterfield 8. She plays a prostitute who has to pay for her sins.

My Photoshop life is so much better than my real one.

Those hems have not been brought up since 2003. They might as well just be cheering in burkas.

I need scissors, thread, and the dress you wore to Archie's fundraiser. This is my Project Runway moment, and I'm gonna make it work!

Justin: Mom, do I really have to go camping with grandpa and Elena?
Hilda: Yes. Elena's nephews are dying to meet you
Betty: ...and they planned the whole thing with you in mind
Justin: If they planned it with me in mind, we'd be at a spa with mud baths and ginger facials
Hilda: You're going! There'll be plenty of mud

Well I know I'm gonna hate myself in the morning but I'm going to treat myself to one more new potato

Betty [about her outfit]: Did I over do it?
Justin: No no, all black is.. Aunt Betty.. you look almost fashionable
Betty: Justin, are you crying?
Justin: No, I'm just proud

Ugly Betty Quotes

Daniel: Look at you, fashion week. Last week you thought Cavalli was a type of pasta
Betty: Yeah, so did you
Daniel: Well we've both come a long way

How does your boss take his coffee? On the rocks?