I'm not a revolutionary. I'm just a gun salesman.

I've been having sex in a random hotel room all night because the thought of sharing a Wiki page with John Wilkes Booth, that really does it for me.

If this got me pissed off then what should it do to upstanding, civic minded men such as yourselves?

Since politically I straddle the line slightly left of Attila the Hun, you will believe me when I say I did not get in to this in order to take down my best and only paying customer.

Hopper: Who is this guy?
Kylie: Someone I'd like you to kill.
Hopper: Seriously?

That kiss the other night probably lodged itself right in the middle of his needy little heart where it's growing.

They're setting him up to be your white knight. Do they really think women still fall for that?

That makes two times you screwed me and I'm still not sure which was the more disappointing.

Admiral: You are uniquely qualified to do something about this.
Kylie: Uniquely qualified to risk my own ass to save your daughter?

Pre-emptive nuclear war is our new official policy.

I could give you a lap dance right her and no one would notice today.
Linus. I would.

You son of a bitch. You sank your own daughter's boat.

Last Resort Quotes

We aren't actually at war. Just make him realize how incredibly dead he'd be if we were.


Gentleman we have just surfaced in the middle of a highway. Let m know if things get busy.