Silver: You don't have an alarm clock?
Liam: I work at a bar.

Not talking is pretty much my specialty.

Apparently they don't believe in breath mints on her planet.

Vanessa: Can I be honest with you?
Liam: Beats lying to me.

I think it's time we both try something new.

When I found out you were in trouble I dropped everything and went to find you. That's how I ended up here. When you found out I was hurt you went shopping for paperweights.

How is being a hooker not a big deal?!

Are you using again? You're a little too happy about this tree.

Liam [toasting]: To family holidays.
Annie: They suck.

Don't mock the abs.

So basically what you're saying is I just signed my life away?

I'm sorry we couldn't find your bro-purse.


So do I get a cut?


If you get stuck take a deep breath and think WWND. What Would Naomi Do?