Oh what do you know; you are recently hatched from the gay egg.

Betty took that job in LONDON!

I knew your obsession with the Mede's would get the best of you.

Who says I can't have a healthy relationship?

So that thing you wanted to talk to me about, did it involve words?

I like Trey better. Or Trevor. We'll talk about it. I'm sure he'll want to weigh in.

Betty: I even picked out a nice outfit -
Marc: Oh! Why didn't you wear it?

Count me in - I love drama and I like theater.

Isn't it obvious - your stumble into good taste has killed her!

Marc: And you thought you couldn't be nice.
Wilhelmina: Get Kathy back in here, I need to kick someone.

Haaa you're mean - I love it!

I know you're going to want to talk because you are Betty.

Ugly Betty Quotes

Well, I am on board - and on the pill.


Marc, scheming is a lonely business.