How did we not know power was amazing? Kanye wrote a song about it. Emily and Merrill Boothe named their son after it.

I feel fresher than a Daisy...Fuentes...joke and nobody's burned her in awhile.

Elton John would just eat these balls up.

C'mon boo, it's not like you never thought about it Harvey Chocolate Milk.

Wait is this gonna be a classic group gang hang?

I can't believe anyone voluntarily decided to marry Penny. I mean she's a disaster of a human woman, am I right?

Pen I live by mafia rules, you, your family, anybody in the room. Y'all gotta pay, that's how I roll.

No we're not even. And when it comes my revenge will be served like the tennis serve of a seventh grade girl. Slow, out of bounds, and I will pull balls out of my skirt.

I'm rich! I'm no longer the poor one! I'm not sharing this with any of you. You're all dead to me.

It turns out there is crying in kickball.

We'll start off with some light stretching, which will be followed by some heaving losing, which will then be followed by some heavier drinking.

Like when Wang Chung tried to have fun the following night.

Happy Endings Quotes

You're sweating on my bruschetta.

Jane [to Brad]

The weird part is, now that I have a guy, everybody wants to set me up. Oh I know Al! I should hook you up with one of my "extras."