I meant what I said to you tonight - you are my hero.

We call it a gift for a reason.

Sometimes the impossible just takes a little bit longer.

Just unplug the drain - you're George the plumber, not George the comedian.

I just asked you a question. Do you understand?!

I know how hard it can be saying good-bye to someone you love.

Because ghosts belong in the light.

Are you really trying to scare me?

Yeah, I know, its not the first time I've been called crazy, but usually it's not true.

Sure hope he can fly.


Melinda: Over my dead body?
Delia: Let me guess, Gale's dad.
Melinda: So much for resting in peace.

Gale: You think this junk is worth something?
Melinda: Everything is to somebody.

The Ghost Whisperer Quotes

Delia: Did you just offer to give a ride to a ghost?
Melinda: Only because she doesn't know she's dead.

Eli: I know you're gonna say I got ahead of myself reaching out to the brother who probably killed his little sister; manslaughtered, murdered, take your pick.
Melinda: How about you start a phone call with can you talk or this a bad time?
Eli: No, I want you to pick one, seriously.