Coulson: We don’t even know you did this!
Daisy: I was right in the epicenter.
Coulson: I won’t let you sacrifice yourself because you’re scared of what’s to come.
Daisy: What’s to come is the end of *everything*!
May: If you can change the future, you can change it from back home!
Daisy: But we know the solution works! We can stop this today!
Coulson: No, it’s not about today. It’s about *tomorrow*. Even if we solve this problem, the world is never safe, the job goes on, *we* go on.

Enoch: Agent Coulson, we are evacuating to the caves for shelter, are we not?
May: Zephyr flies again, metal man.
Enoch: I am mostly plastic alloy. And chronicoms do not have gender.

Coulson: An old woman tells you she’s your daughter. And that you’ll save the world from cracking apart. Doesn’t happen everyday.
May: It’s hard to believe…
Coulson: That we can do it?
May: That I was a mom. I just… I can’t see it.
Coulson: I can.

May: Looks like you had a rough landing!
Coulson: Yeah, can’t recommend the airline. Inexperienced pilots, a lot of turbulence. Ran out of pretzels in coach!

We *do* go back. Robin told me how. We can save everyone. Just one question, though. Who’s Flint?

May: How are *you* not eaten by those things?
Enoch: They have no interest in me, as I have no tender insides for them to extract.
May: Thought Fitz was done building robots.

Normally, I’d pit Ben against another Inhuman, but for this crowd, I decided for a more… unique opponent. One not of this time. This deadly assassin was trained by one of the galaxy’s most despised organizations. But most intriguing, she’s also a friend to the Destroyer of Worlds. Dear guests, may I present to you Melinda May, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.


May: So, less than 24 hours and you’ve already been taken prisoner! Is that a record?
Coulson: Not even close!

Did something weird happen with my robot self? Did I make a move on you? Did I try to...kill you?

May [to Coulson]

I got here unscathed. Jeffrey didn't. He should be here, still in the fight. I've got to take one for the team.

May [to Coulson]

My days of following blindly are over. If there's any truth to what you're saying, you'll have to show, not tell.

May [to Coulson]

May: Did you see that look?
Daisy: Maybe she's just racist.
May: Or starstruck.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

Deke [looking at his gun in awe]: Where has this *been* all my life?
Enoch: Level Three. Hidden in a wall cavity.
Deke: Now you tell me.

It’s time to remind the humans that I am not their enemy. I am their *god*.