I was out of a best friend, and a partner in crime.

We wouldn’t do this. If we ever ran, it would be a well-crafted plan. No loose ends---together.

Peter: She tried to kill you.
Mozzie: Which is why I will be a properly motivated bad cop….

The greatest lies a con man tells are to himself.

Definitely not truth serum.

They will have a bar-coded tramp stamp on be before the first IV drip.

If you’re not a criminal, then what are you?

Everything we always dreamed about is in reach!

I have never even met my namesake!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you will never use math!

I reserve faith for…the chupacabra

I am the codex now!

White Collar Quotes

Mozzie: It's worse, I'm in the system.
Neal: Not quite.
Mozzie: Ivan Bliminse? The invisible man? That's appropriate.

Neal: You want the dinosaur.
Peter: Damn right I do!