Mozzie: The Sparrow dies at midnight.
Neal: I'd hate to be that sparrow.

Mozzie: But that does leave one question: Do you want to stay?
Neal: I will let you know.

Neal: Nailed the landing.
Mozzie: I need a drink.

Choose a side, Neal.

Bless me father, for I am about to sin.

Neal: What's around here?
Mozzie: The Palace.
Neal: Always a fan favorite.

She looks terrific in pantsuits.

Mozzie [about Sara]

Neal: Porn, really?
Mozzie: I panicked.

We got your keester off the hook. Don't be holding out on us now, kid.

Dearly beloved, we are here to witness the union of Suit...and Mrs. Suit...again.

Good luck, melon me.

The Dentist was the scariest thing I could think of, and it worked.