Myka (In Pete's body): Pete get your hand off my boob.
Pete (In Myka's body): How did you know that?

Myka: Don't damage the one thing Kelly is looking forward too.
Pete: Don't worry Little Pete is made of steel.

Artie: It's a museum, anything there could be an artifact. You can't let him touch anything.
Myka: Artie it's Pete, it's a win when he doesn't lick anything.

Pete (playing with teletype): News flash, stop. Bering to admit she was wrong, stop. Pig standing by for maiden flight.
Myka: Stop!

Myka: How do we not end up with our brain scrambled, or fried, or blown up, or what every new way to die there could be?
Pete: Look at the bright side, I am usually within ten feet of you, so whatever terrible thing happens to you will happen to me too.
Myka: Comforting.

Myka: Do you know every former warehouse agent we know is either crazy, evil, or dead?
Pete: Or all three.

Myka: I just don't understand why I had to be the model.

Pete: Well first of all, I don't have legs for a dress like that.

Myka: What did you find?

Pete: Well I checked a few of the dressing rooms and nobody has the picture of Dorian Gray hanging up for decoration.

Pete: Best assignment ever.
Myka: Try not to be 12 years old.

Myka: What happens in Doctor Doomsday?
Pete: Oh it's a really fun movie where he plays a mad scientist who blows up a whole town.
Myka: Probably less fun if you know... We all die.

Myka: Are you hit?
Pete: No, but I think my underwear is shot.

Myka: So, do you think this feels more like home now?
Pete: Nah, it's better.