Oh my God, computer geeks are awesome. You'd be amazed at what other special talents they posses.

Max: You know what I'd love to do? Go camping.
Naomi: Outdoors like homeless people?

Hey Liam, nice balls.

As the saying goes, the key to your husband's best friend and business partner's heart is through his stomach.

What made you think it would be okay to bring hookers to my party?

Max it's our honeymoon, I'm not planning on wearing that much clothing.

Max: Naomi Clark you promised me a wedding.
Naomi: Yes I did.
Max: Will you marry me?

Stop! You can't marry her. She's not the love of your life. I am. Please continue.

Austin? Where's Ade? Shouldn't she be in Vegas opening for your hideous father?

I guess he gets to marry his perfect girl and she isn't me.

Max: Hope I didn't make a fool of myself.
Naomi: No, you're not the fool.

Now I'm going to go marry my ex-boyfriend.


We're not just friends, we're a family. And nobody messes with my family.


Adrianna: I think we've waited long enough.
Navid: For...?
Adrianna: Yeah.