Claudia: Where are we going to find a movie camera in time?
Pete: (Maxwell Smart voice) 99 would you believe the credenza.

Artie: You spoke to H.G. Wells about official Warehouse 13 matters, and you didn't tell me?
Myka: I was waiting for the right time.
Pete: This ain't it.

Myka: So we can't even pretend to be normal.
Pete: Normal is not really in our wheelhouse.

Myka (In Pete's body): Pete get your hand off my boob.
Pete (In Myka's body): How did you know that?

Myka: Don't damage the one thing Kelly is looking forward too.
Pete: Don't worry Little Pete is made of steel.

Kelly: Ok, Chinese place on Main, and we are going Dutch.
Pete: Couldn't we go to the Dutch place on fifth and go Chinese?
Kelly: Come on slappy, before I change my mind.

Pete: I would be honored to have a life like yours.
Artie: I would be honored if you'd try for a little more.

Kelly: Hey croissant boy, I need a prep nurse, get in here.
Pete: Ok, but I am not shaving anything.

Maybe I'm wrong, but are Artie and Vanessa sitting in a tree?

Kate: This isn't an elaborate plan just to see me is it?
Pete: You're hot, but not trash your place to get a date hot.

Pete: So does this means we are friends now?
Mrs. Frederic: [Glares]
Pete: Right, see ya.

Pete (playing with teletype): News flash, stop. Bering to admit she was wrong, stop. Pig standing by for maiden flight.
Myka: Stop!