You have to see the boy.

You’re free. You’re free.

Peter: I know all your tricks.
Neal: Not all of them.

When you ask questions, you’re avoiding answers.

Neal: You’re having separation anxiety, admit it.
Peter: I admit, I sleep better with that little red dot telling me where you are.

I am torn between thinking Mozzie is right and hoping that he is.

Peter: She tried to kill you.
Mozzie: Which is why I will be a properly motivated bad cop….

Both of us would do whatever it takes for the people we love, and deep down I think you realize it’s all your fault---but it doesn’t have to be.

Neal: Just like old times.
Peter: With the same outcome.

Peter: It’s over, Neal.
Neal: Yeah, it’s over.

What I understand is that a life of lies catches up to you.

It was a warning shot---I am taking the warning!

White Collar Quotes

Burke: You look like a cartoon!
Caffrey: This is classic Rat Pack - this is Devore!
Burke: Oh, sorry, Dino.

Caffrey: How upset were the Canadians?
Peter: Oh, very... well, as upset as Canadians can get.