We're all kind of crazytown banana pants.

How about Pierce Hawthorne and the Greendale six?

Let's burn this mother down!

Sounds like this is a game changing day for all of us. I almost sat on my balls, but at the last minute, I adjusted.

I used a pneumonic device. "Kevin Come Over For Gay Sex."

How come I'm not best friends with anyone in the group?

Pierce: I assume you are familiar with the Greendale bylaws.
Dean Pelton: I am not.

Will someone please call all the ambulances?

Pierce: The question is who am I doing this weekend?
Jeff: He's asking because he's already forgotten. It's nobody.

How long was I out? Is Napster still a thing?

Oh no, you're not letting some slumlord take your your hard earned money. I'll fix it. I used to do that kind of thing all the time when I was a slumlord.

Bitches is gay talk for friends.

Community Quotes

Can we just take a mental step backwards and realize we're simply in a Winnebago?


Britta: Are you okay? It looks like you have actual bedhead this morning.
Jeff: In fashion, I'm what's known as a taste-maker.
Britta: And you missed an entire side of your face shaving.
Jeff: And next month, so will Gwen Stefani