Rachel: How can you be so sure?
Miles: I'm trying something new: prayer.

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Monroe: What? You've got something to say? Say it.
Rachel: I have to help you find your son after you killed mine.

If they had caught you, they would have put a bullet in your head. I am not losing another child to that man.

Rachel: What?
Miles: You're a complicated woman.

Miles: You shouldn't have come.
Rachel: You've done stupider things for me.

Rachel: Hey, you could stay. Just for a little while longer.
Miles: Bad things happen when we're together.

Rachel: Randall, what are you saying?
Flynn: I'm a patriot Rachel.

Why would I want that? I want you to die.

Aaron: Seriously, why the hell am I in this book?
Rachel: This is why I didn't tell you. I knew you'd obsess over it.

What makes you think that I'm in it to help people? I want power so Monroe's enemies can wipe him off the map. I want to kill the man who killed my son, that's it.

Aaron: Since when do you have a gun?
Rachel: Since Miles gave it to me.

My son is not alive. I did awful things for him, and he's dead. None of it mattered.

Revolution Quotes

80 million dollars in the bank and I would trade it all, right now, for a roll of Charmin.


Tom: To tell you the truth, when General Monroe finds out, he's gonna be irate and he might even have my head.
Danny: Let's hope.