Cate: I really wanted that baby.
Ryan: I did too.

Ryan: Back on the horse, huh?
Cate: Yeah. I'm self soothing.

Cate: I'm making French toast.
Ryan: That's fine. The fire alarm will wake me up.

Aren't we supposed to be on break from work?

Cate: You don't have to be St. Ryan. You can still back out.
Ryan: I am not a Saint.

Cate, you're over simplifying what I said. I hate when you do that. At least I tried to give an honest answer. Any chance you figured out why you married me?

Kelly: Stop talking about my sex life.
Ryan: Stop talking about my marriage.

Cate: What I asked you is are you 100% completely over her?
Ryan: No.

Paige: Whoa! What about balls? I thought we were going to dinner?
Ryan: Dinner's off. I need to have a break from all the yapping and honesty exercises.

(to Baze) What the hell man. If I wanted to spoon, I'd taken up a tent with Cate.

Ryan: You know what they say about break-up sex...
Cate: Or make-up sex. But we're not making up are we?
Ryan: I don't know.

Ryan: Cate, what would you have done, not now, but then, if he had told you he loved you? Would you have called off the wedding?
Cate: I don't know.

Life Unexpected Quotes

My dad said to do what I love and I love to drink for free.


You both can't be parents, you both need parents!