Let me ask you something, did he ever hit you? Did he ever tell you were shit? Fondle your balls? Then quit acting like moody emo dickhole. Mitch may be may be a self hating alcoholic mess but he loves the crap out of you. Let him back into your life or I swear to God I’ll come to fagitty track meets and take a bat to your knee cap.

Shane: Ask me why I'm like a musician.
Nancy: Why are you like a musician?
Shane: Because I'm playing that detective like a fiddle!

Let him back into your life or I'll come to one of your faggoty track meets and take a bat to your kneecaps.

He’s pissed at everybody. It’s impotent rage. For me, it all came out with Pilar.

Shane: He downloaded our database.
Silas: Fucking rat.
Shane: I prefer the term informant.

Nice job tapping that. She's a lot cuter in person tan in her surveillance photo.

You keep partnering up with the wrong son.

Andy: How'd you get that?
Shane: I walked in and printed it out.
Andy: He's good.

Shane: I can do this.
Nancy: I have to get this. Don't fuck up.

I don't believe in you. You have no business plan. This is a terrible location for foot traffic and you don't even know if the wheel is street legal in the United States.

Andy: You have no idea how much it means to me that you believe in me.
Shane: I don't believe in you.

Silas: When Nancy tells us to go to college, what do we do?
Shane: We buy hot tubs!
Silas: Free at last, my brother!