Shane: I think I'm going to need another bag
Wendy: I can send you some things
Shane: I'm not really keen on the postal system handling my underwear
Wendy: I'm not really keen on you going on tour not wearing any

Wendy [about Maddie]: Remind me why I was so eager to hear her first words
Shane: Oh the good times will come around again darling. Soon she'll be 16 and she'll stop talking to us all together

Wendy: How's the game going?
Shane: I'm not watching, it's just on in the the background
Wendy: What's going on in the foreground?

Shane: Do you have another pillow?
Wendy: What do you need another one for?
Shane: For your mother's face

Wendy [to Joyce]: The important thing is that you're here
Shane: That's one theory... can I get you a scotch, Joyce?
Joyce: Are you having one?
Shane: I'm having two

Wendy: Hey when do I get to hear what you're working on?
Shane: Off the clock. How often do we get the chance to dance without being mocked by a fifteen year old?

Shane: I'm toying with a mustache. Josie wanted me to do some PR shots and she thought a little facial hair may lend me some distinction. What do you think?
Wendy: I think you're distinct, let Josie grow her own mustache

[Ted waving steak knife]
Ted: Shane, tell her she has to do it
Shane: Well, darling, gentleman wielding a steak knife is making a demand

Shane: If the director's already looking at choices, what's are the chances?
Sal: Wendy can make it happen, she did before.

Wendy: Are we supposed to start talking about birth control?
Shane: If we did it'd probably be best you had that talk. If I'd have known about it she wouldn't be here.

Shane: I know she's your bff and all...
Wendy: Did Maddie teach you that?
Shane: Yeah..

Nico: It's Charles
Shane: Where is he?
Nico: In Vienna...
Shane: Well tell him to stay there, I look pretty good with three dates.

Lipstick Jungle Quotes

I can't think less of you. You've smelled like mop & glow for the last week.

Victory [to Roy]

Wendy: Sounds like someone is driving without breaks.
Victory [whispers]: Gun it.