Anastasia and Will. We already had all the magic we needed.

Thank you for coming back. I know you didn't come back for me but thank you.

You'll be surprised what magic can do.

You can dispense with the insufferable small talk Jafar, or is that your idea of torture?

Tell the people that the battle to save Wonderland is about to begin.

Same old Alice, only ever thinking about herself.

You two are even more insufferable together, do you know that?

There's no time to fight, there's only time to die.

The harsh reality is that sometimes love is not enough,

Everyone keeps underestimating me. I was not always Queen. I know how to get my hands dirty.

Alice: When two people love each other, there's nothing they can't accomplish together.
The Red Queen: If only that were true.

I'm many things darling, but pure of heart is not one of them.