Eric: You lost a hundred grand?
Vince: Yeah, something like that.
Ari: But we're partners!
Vince: Oh shit, I forgot! Means I'm only really down fifty!

Eric: So this dickhead is saying what? That he fucked my girlfriend?
Vince: I don't know, E.
Turtle: Hard to say what he was saying.
Ari: It's not hard to say. Seth Green landed on Plymouth Rock before you did, E. Wake up!

Vince: Who uses the word, snuggle?
Turtle: E and E.
Drama: Men spoon. Women snuggle

Vince: Besides the fact the L.A. Times compared me to Terrell Owens, I'm doing great.
Eric: You hear that, Ari?
Ari: The Eagles got rid of T.O. and look where they landed. Aquaman 2 is going to make Speed 2 look like Citizen Fucking Kane

Vince: Did E fall in love during a threesome?
Turtle: If anyone could do it, it's E.
Drama: You're like a chick. I mean the guy cannot have unemotional sex.
Eric: I didn't have sex.
Drama: Whatever. You can't whack off without weeping

Turtle: It could be fun, Vince. Like that time you got auctioned off at the Feed the World event.
Vince: Jesus, remember that Cuban guy who bought me and wanted me to come live with him in Havana?
Drama: The guy never sent me those cuban cigars he promised. I should call.
Turtle: Yeah, ask him if he knows any good lefties for the Yank's bullpen while you're at it.

Vince: What? Apologize? For Snuggling her?
Eric: For invading her space ... I don't know.
Drama: You're a sensitive guy E, it's kinda queer

From snuggler to stalker. Sounds like an M.O.W.

Ari [about Alan Grey]: He'll take everything you have. He'll take the house, the cars, maybe even Turtle.
Vince: I don't care about any of that. Except maybe Turtle.
Turtle: Thanks Vince

Eric: So we're gonna take all these to the studio?
Vince: Unless you think we're gonna look like schmucks driving the same car.
Drama: No. We'd be schmucks in Jettas. In Aston Martin's we look good. And independently wealthy

Vince: I want you talk to Turtle. He needs some help with Saigon.
Ari: What, he's moving there?

Vince: Do you smell something?
Turtle: Is that sausage?
Drama: No, that's gourmet kielbasa, it's been aging for three days. I was going to surprise you guys. I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch!

Entourage Quotes

Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Ari: Ernesto, how many fucking pesos did I give you for Christmas. Huh, Ernesto? Every Christmas for the past decade? Half of Mexico is eating on the tips I've given you. Now bring my motherfucking car now, por favor!
Ernesto: Sorry, Mr. Gold, I can't do it. Oh and Mr. Gold, I'm from Guatemala, and our currency is the quetzal

Entourage Music

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Song Lemon And Lime Daniel Lenz
Soul of a man Soul Of A Man Beck iTunes
Song Shutterbugg Big Boi iTunes