Eric: You lost a hundred grand?
Vince: Yeah, something like that.
Ari: But we're partners!
Vince: Oh shit, I forgot! Means I'm only really down fifty!

Eric: So this dickhead is saying what? That he fucked my girlfriend?
Vince: I don't know, E.
Turtle: Hard to say what he was saying.
Ari: It's not hard to say. Seth Green landed on Plymouth Rock before you did, E. Wake up!

Vince: Who uses the word, snuggle?
Turtle: E and E.
Drama: Men spoon. Women snuggle

Vince: Besides the fact the L.A. Times compared me to Terrell Owens, I'm doing great.
Eric: You hear that, Ari?
Ari: The Eagles got rid of T.O. and look where they landed. Aquaman 2 is going to make Speed 2 look like Citizen Fucking Kane

Vince: Did E fall in love during a threesome?
Turtle: If anyone could do it, it's E.
Drama: You're like a chick. I mean the guy cannot have unemotional sex.
Eric: I didn't have sex.
Drama: Whatever. You can't whack off without weeping

Turtle: It could be fun, Vince. Like that time you got auctioned off at the Feed the World event.
Vince: Jesus, remember that Cuban guy who bought me and wanted me to come live with him in Havana?
Drama: The guy never sent me those cuban cigars he promised. I should call.
Turtle: Yeah, ask him if he knows any good lefties for the Yank's bullpen while you're at it.

Vince: What? Apologize? For Snuggling her?
Eric: For invading her space ... I don't know.
Drama: You're a sensitive guy E, it's kinda queer

From snuggler to stalker. Sounds like an M.O.W.

Ari [about Alan Grey]: He'll take everything you have. He'll take the house, the cars, maybe even Turtle.
Vince: I don't care about any of that. Except maybe Turtle.
Turtle: Thanks Vince

Eric: So we're gonna take all these to the studio?
Vince: Unless you think we're gonna look like schmucks driving the same car.
Drama: No. We'd be schmucks in Jettas. In Aston Martin's we look good. And independently wealthy

Vince: I want you talk to Turtle. He needs some help with Saigon.
Ari: What, he's moving there?

Vince: Do you smell something?
Turtle: Is that sausage?
Drama: No, that's gourmet kielbasa, it's been aging for three days. I was going to surprise you guys. I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch!

Entourage Quotes

Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Mrs. Gold: You eat at The Palm four nights a week!
Ari: Do I ever order the lobster? No, I order the Gigi salad and I sign clients

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