Ryan: I talked to the hospital. They found something, PFCs in her blood, a man-made chemical used in the garment industry.
Nicky: So she wasn't just overworked. She was being exposed to chemicals at work?
Ryan: Looks that way. But the amount is off-the-charts high, like consistent with direct digestion. They're doing another test to confirm.
Nicky: That means King Kwang's exposing all it's workers.
Ryan: Could be.

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Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 3: "Patience"
Kung Fu
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Kung Fu Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Henry: Right now we're training. You're distracted, rushing it.
Nicky: Well if you just learned that your Shifu her own sister, who's now probably kidnapped the one person who might know where the weapons are which means you may never find Zhilan? You'd be distracted, too.
Henry: Yeah, distracted maybe. Sloppy though?

Professor: I've been watching you. You're necklace. The crane. The insignia of the Zhang family. One of the eight guardian families. You are Zhang Zhilan, you have a sister, Pei-Ling. Your father, I read somewhere that he was murdered. You must have been just a child.
Zhilan: You know nothing.
Professor: I have no reason to tell you where weapon the is, whether I speak or not, this ends one way. With me, dead. So, I would like that coffee -- please.