Desperate Characters, number seven? Is that all I am to you? You get a book deal because of me because let's face it, Peach died, and you wrote about her death. That's just not something you would have done if she were alive. I'm so damn happy with Karen, but I'm not sure I can be happy unless I know you're happy

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YOU Season 1 Episode 8: "You Got Me, Babe"
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YOU Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Babe. You said babe was a default for unimaginative lovers, but then you never cared for people the way Karen does. You were so caught up in you, you never thought to take care of me. And honestly, it's worth all the babe.

Joe Voiceover

I hardly look at your Facebook. Two or three times a day max. I don't go by your place.