Despite your lack of swag, height, and good outfits, he thinks you're cute, but just don't do anything nasty on school grounds, because if I can't, then y'all can't.


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Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 14: "Valentine's Day"
Abbott Elementary
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Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes, Abbott Elementary Quotes
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Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Janine: Did I black out and rearrange my desk again?
Donnie: I saved this for you. Extra napkins are in the top left drawer.
Janine: Uh Donnie, did you straighten up my desk?
Donnie: I did. I see a real future with us.

Janine: Yes, I did get your valentine. Thank you, Donnie, that was very kind of you. What if you made another valentine and give it to someone in your desk pod?
Donnie: Uh. they're girls. I need a woman.