Bronwitz: I bet any man would let the two of you blow him.
Liza: Let?
Bronwitz: Women my age have to work hard for that BJ, and we are better at it. Am I right?
Diana: Do people think I'm her age?

Younger Season 6 Episode 4: "An Inside Glob"
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Younger Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Kelsey: Let's just make sure she re-ups her contract.
Diana: As the boss, I suggest you make that happen. She's a cash cow, and Millennial could use the milk.
Kelsey: Did you have to say that?
Diana: I did.

Zane: Money isn't everything. Sometimes, it's about charm.
Kelsey: Oh, so you slept with her? God, that is completely unethical. And so creepy.
Zane: But it's fine when you do it?
Kelsey: I only slept with my authors after they signed.